Raised bed product line ECO+
Raised bed product line ECO+
Raised bed product line ECO+
Raised bed product line ECO+

Raised bed product line ECO+

HUF 55,811

MIELL Green brand, that creates only recycled plastic products, was created in order to satisfy the ever-growing gardenind needs and customers that are looking for sustainable solutions. Our plant beddings were planned to be spine-friendl, there is no need to squat, kneel or lean. A well utilized plant bedding can provide fresh, delicious crops consecutively, from early Spring till late Autumn.



Plant bedding: Made of recycled materials, and is available in different sizes and colors. Its raw materials are waste of injection molding and technological waste of PET recycling, therefore by choosing it, you are supporting the goals of environmentally conscious purchasing.

Plants to be used in a plant bedding:

  1. For space utilization, use low growth plants
  2. Use plants that can be harvested continuously
  3. Early and late growing types

Vegetables:peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers (with stalks), peas (in a large beddings), radishes, onions, turnips, spinach, lettuce, parsley

Fruits:strawberry, ground cherry

Herbs:basil, oregano, marjoram, sage, mint, thyme, lemongrass

For the fans of bio gardening the plant bedding can be the optimal solution: thanks tot he professionally created layers, quality soil and the plants’ positive effects on each other, chemical-free crop production can be achieved.

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